Zdi Team Boasts Certified Quality Technicians

The audiovisual team at Zdi recently added the Association for Quality in AV Technology (AQAV) to its extensive list of certifications. Eight employees have already completed the AQAV Certified Quality Technician program, with three more scheduled for spring 2013.

Quality is key for Zdi, a leader in the audiovisual field. Lead engineer Jay McArdle says, “The audiovisual industry as a whole struggles with standards and the ability to define when a job is truly done. AQAV has presented the industry with the tools and training to finally quantify, complete, and assure quality in audiovisual projects. Zdi is proud to be one of the first companies to adopt these standards and train its staff with the knowledge and techniques required to be a leader in the field.”

These certifications show the commitment of Zdi technicians who commit hours to prepare and complete such testing. Zdi is proud of its team’s passion for excellence and how that passion greatly benefits its clients.