The doctor will see you now.

Audiovisual technologies are playing an increasingly large role in modern healthcare. From training and compliance initiatives to the treatment of patients, multipoint video conferencing and web conferencing technologies open the door to enhanced communication that can improve patient care.

Zdi develops easy-to-use audiovisual infrastructures that can be cost-effectively updated as your health system grows and changes.

Compliance and Training

You can enhance employee education with training via live-streamed web conferencing or on-demand videos. Easily document HIPAA compliance by monitoring and tracking which employees and contractors have attended or completed key training programs.

Connecting the Health System

As health systems expand to cover larger geographic areas, the need for face-to-face communication among satellite locations grows. Multipoint video conferencing — using dedicated Cisco TelePresence connections at each facility — ensures open communications throughout the network, keeping far-flung locations connected.

Enhancing Patient Care

It’s 3:00 AM at a small, regional emergency room. A traumatic injury is rushed in via ambulance. The nearest neurologist is an hour away.

Medical decision-making is supported by rapid, accessible collaboration. The integration of voice, video and web conferencing gives smaller local hospitals access to expert consultations from specialists at large medical centers. At teaching hospitals, video conferencing and web conferencing technologies enable physicians to document procedures for training or research, as well as educate clinical staff.

At the Forefront of Patient Education

What are the warning signs of stroke? How do you manage your diabetes? What can a new mom expect in the first weeks postpartum? Health systems can use web conferencing technologies to develop live webinars that deliver educational resources to patients who have joined from the comfort of their own homes.

Zdi can create a custom solution for your health system.