Did you know that more than six billion hours of YouTube videos are watched each month? And they’re not all cat videos.

Today’s students have been raised on visual learning; bringing video to the classroom is a natural extension of their preferred learning methodology. We all know that educational budgets are limited. Zdi can implement a comprehensive, scalable audiovisual installation that maximizes the power of video conferencing and web conferencing for your classroom, without breaking the bank.

Distance Learning

From a more traditional classroom model of one teacher with a dozen or more students, to massive open online courses (MOOCs) with hundreds of participants, distance learning is growing in popularity. Deliver the coursework live for synchronous learning, or record the coursework for asynchronous learning at the student’s convenience.

Broadcast educational webinars around the globe using web conferencing technology.

Zdi can integrate presentation systems, interactive whiteboards and a growing array of educational technologies to create an easy-to-use virtual classroom.

Virtual Field Trips

Don’t be confined by the four walls of the classroom. Harness the power of video conferencing to take students on virtual field trips to world-famous museums or historical locations. Access subject matter experts, anywhere, anytime. Witness scientific experiments as they happen. With video conferencing and web conferencing, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Long-Distance Communication

What if your students could participate in lifelike interaction with anyone, anywhere? Offer multicultural education by connecting students with their international counterparts via virtual exchange programs using Cisco TelePresence for Education. Cisco conferencing for the classroom is so clear and lifelike, it’s “better than being there.”

Educating Educators: Professional Development

Increase professional development opportunities for your staff. Give educators the resources that they need to collaborate with their colleagues around the country and around the world. Online learning and virtual conferences connect educators without breaking your travel budget.

How can Zdi take your school to the next level?