Zdi specializes in building scalable, affordable audiovisual installations that bridge the distance and bring colleagues and customers together, face to face.

Managed Meeting Services

How are your audiovisual installations being used? Is the boardroom available at 10:00? Zdi managed meeting services app runs on the room controller, communicating with Outlook and other corporate calendar services to streamline scheduling. The application makes it easy to track room usage, generating summary data and demonstrating the ROI for your audiovisual installation.

Thirty-Five “Cisco Preferred” Workplace Designs

A Cisco Preferred Solutions Developer, we have created 35 easy-to-use pre-engineered Cisco workplace designs for the best possible audiovisual experience. Each meets the needs of a specific space — large, small, wide or long — and can be customized to meet your organization’s needs. Find a solution that fits in your space and in your budget using our unique visual search tool.

Video Conferencing

The right video conferencing solution makes collaboration “better than being there.” Bridge the distance with high-resolution, face-to-face conversation with a user-friendly audiovisual system.
High-end features such as true HD video, stereo sound, and multipoint video conferencing sound complicated, but Zdi specializes in creating an AV experience that’s so intuitive, every employee can use it the first time.
Multipoint video conferencing among three or more locations is made possible through the use of multipoint control units, limiting latency and improving the experience for all users.

Web Conferencing

Popular web conferencing solutions, like GoToMeeting or WebEx, are designed to allow users to broadcast from desktop to desktop. But what happens when you need to add a conference room to the call? Zdi helps you make the most of multicast webinars or point-to-point interactive meetings by creating space-appropriate solutions that can bring a group into your web conference with fully integrated conferencing functionality.

Cisco Pervasive Conferencing

Cisco-quality HD video collaboration is within reach. Bring everyone together more easily with Cisco Pervasive Conferencing. Whether you’re in a Cisco TelePresence boardroom, or connecting from a mobile or desktop-based web client, Cisco technologies offer a consistent high-quality video conferencing experience that enhances your business.

Conferencing Management

Manage, administer and troubleshoot video and web conferencing services with in-depth reporting. Proactive management and monitoring of service availability and quality helps to avoid service issues before they happen.

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