Powerful Components, Seamless Integration

Zdi’s audiovisual consulting team starts with powerful components — presentation systems, projectors, interactive whiteboards, and more. But that’s not the whole picture: those components need to work together as one seamless solution.
At Zdi, we are your audiovisual specialists, providing integrated custom audiovisual design, installation and support systems to ensure that once it’s installed, all of this cutting-edge technology simply works. The parts and pieces function together as one unit, offering true scale-ability, flexibility, and ease-of-use.

Presentation Systems

Don’t let cables, connections or confusing interfaces stand between you and your information. We’ll help you choose the right technology for your application: wired or wireless; LED display or projector; custom or canned. We carefully select presentation systems that enable users to present 1080p HD conference room video directly from any computer, tablet or smartphone connected via your company’s secure 802.11 g/b/n access point.

Interactive Whiteboards

These large, interactive displays project a computer’s desktop onto the surface where it can be controlled by a stylus or finger. Popular with education and e-learning initiatives, interactive whiteboards enable interaction and control of the computer within view of the audience — real or virtual. In the corporate world, interactive whiteboards can capture, share and save the notes and diagrams that were sketched out in the meeting.


Zdi uses everything from large format displays and LED video walls to laser projectors to produce crisp, high resolution images that are ideally suited for the size and specifications of your space.

Find out more about how we bring these components together into a seamless, user-friendly experience.

Will a new audiovisual implementation start from scratch, or will you be able to integrate your existing components? We can answer all of your questions.