ZDI’s Active Collaboration Room can be a direct replacement or an upgrade to the previous Cisco ACR.

Zdi’s team of expert technicians is pleased to collaborate with the Cisco sales force to deliver the Active Collaboration Room. For details about the room solution, download the pdf summaries here.

The ACR creates a casual collaboration area for up to 15 participants in the room, plus any number of remote participants. Large format displays – including one touch-interactive display and a video wall – provide an initial “wow factor” while the familiar Cisco Interface offers a simple transition to the new equipment.

Dynamic video technology captures participant attention. Whether holding an on-site meeting or uniting remote participants from multiple locations, this room offers an ideal solution for group collaboration.

This unique configuration is designed for square rooms that vary in size from 20 ft. x 20 ft. to 24 ft. x 24 ft.

Each solution comes to life through Zdi’s integration services, granting clients the following benefits:

1) Consistent User Interface. We maximize the end-user experience with a standardized and consistent user interface. Familiarity and ease-of-use reduces confusion for the user to increase satisfaction with the system.

2) Pre-Engineered User Interface. Using a single Cisco interface eliminates the need for customization, saving the integrator – and therefore, the customer – time and money.

3) Faster service. A pre-engineered system enables service through a simple drop shipment of a part to be installed and/or replaced by IT rather than an AV integrator.

This system uses a C90 codec at its core with an iPad for control, plus the ability to use a common user interface for all similar rooms. Precision HD cameras and low profile microphones identify the room as a Cisco ACR while providing a superior user experience on both sides of the call.

Other collaborative tools include:

  • (1) Large format display
  • (1) Large format touch interactive display
  • (1) Video wall
  • Wireless video presentation
  • Support for BYOD
  • WebEx
  • iPad Control, as referenced above