Peoria Riverfront Museum


In October of 2012, The Peoria Riverfront Museum opened its doors to the public. This 10 year long project was conceptualized to beautify the riverfront in addition to give the residents of Peoria an extraordinary destination for the entire family. As part of that goal, the museum was designed with advanced and interactive technologies to create a unique experience for all of its patrons. Zdi was fortunate enough to have played a large role in the development of the project and all of the exciting technology. Zdi was responsible for the design and installation of many of the audio systems in the building, including the audio for the acclaimed Giant Screen Theatre and Planetarium. The elaborate sound system was designed by Jay McArdle, Lead Engineer at Zdi (InfoComm International award recipient). The system features 35 independently powered sound channels and outputs more than 14,000 watts. All elements were chosen for their high efficiency.

Renowned audio engineer, Bill Dudleston, of Legacy Audio in Springfield, IL was chosen to design and custom build five 6’ tall and 3 ½’ wide speakers with six 15” bass drivers in each speaker. Lining the side and rear walls are 14 surround speakers bridged by a custom pyramid-shaped overhead channel. These speakers are among the most powerful speakers in the world, and sitting in front of them creates an experience the people of Peoria are likely not to forget. Zdi’s involvement can also be seen in the design and installation of video conferencing in the Giant Screen Theatre. The company utilized a Cisco C40 codec and three different cameras. Not only is the theatre able to run films, but it has the potential to be a sought-after destination for conferences and presentations. Other projects Zdi led throughout the museum include Digital Signage, Room Scheduling, Classroom Technology, Boardroom Technology (with a Touch Interactive Display), Giant Screen Theatre Installation Supervision, Giant Screen Theatre Control Integration, Lighting Control Integration, Planetarium Audio Design and Installation, Giant Screen Theatre Video Conferencing System, and the Audio/Video for the Outdoor Projection. To manage the functionality of all these systems, Zdi used AMX controls due to the versatility and ability it could offer the museum.