Oaks Community Church


Corporate buildings and transport hubs are not the only places that use Audio/Visual displays to expand their impact. Worship Centers are also looking for new ways to make their messages more accessible and more understandable to their ever-expanding communities. This was the case at Oaks Community Church in Dahinda, Il. Oaks Community had received donations, large and small, to build a brand new sanctuary and fellowship hall. As part of the construction, the church administrators had chosen to include two large screens, one on either side of the cross, to share media and live feeds of each service. An additional screen and projector were to be placed in the fellowship hall. These two solutions were integrated so that more people would be able to participate in each of the church’s services. Concerned with the presence of two screens so close to their symbol of faith, Oaks Community Pastor, Marty Briney approached his Zdi, Inc. project manager to inquire about developing an alternative design.

Zdi, Inc. was able to create a design that allowed the cross to remain the focal point of each service with two screens angled out toward the congregation to compliment it. Rear-projection was then used to display the images on the screens maintain a simple, clean look for the center of worship.

Everyone is elated with the rear projection screen solution,” states Reverend Marty Briney. “Obviously [Zdi, Inc’s] engineers know their stuff, and that brings peace of mind in an area far outside our expertise.” Zdi, Inc. was also asked to provide Audio solutions for the new sanctuary. In accordance with the desire to keep the altar wall free of distraction and creating a system that would make optimal use of the sanctuary’s space, Zdi, Inc, proposed a JBL speaker array that hangs from the central support beam. Once the array was hung, church administrators voiced concerns. “We had some issues to work through, “ states Reverend Marty Briney. They felt the array hung too low, and slightly obstructed the cross. Zdi, Inc. went straight to work to make an acceptable adjustment.

I feel Zdi helped in a very professional manner. I was very impressed when one of the owners of the company came out to address our hanging “black banana” speaker system and personally negotiated a very fine solution.” In addition to the JBL speakers, the audio system was rounded out with a new Soundcraft GB2 Audio board, and a custom front of house rack to provide optimal benefit for the church’s needs.