Green City Schools

In 2012, Zdi was given the opportunity to work with a school district centered in Green City, Missouri. The Green City school system is comprised of four schools, each ten miles from the other. The schools share one program to teach accelerated students and over the last ten years have used Video conferencing to teach remotely to four different classrooms in four different buildings. Zdi was brought in to upgrade their broken and antiquated system to allow for simpler communication and to enhance teaching utility remotely.

Zdi chose to use a Cisco C20 codec allowing for a more clear and secure connection between schools. The C20 codec and classroom capture allows for students unable to attend school, to view their class from home. As part of the Video conferencing system Zdi provided each Green City School with a Smartboard projector, Smartboard, front and rear video displays, Vaddio cameras, document cameras, and ceiling microphones.

The configuration designed by Zdi was to allow each teacher to remotely view their students on the rear (60) sixty inch video confidence display while the students would be able to see what was being presented to them on the front (80) eighty inch display. With a camera mounted on top of each display, the students are also able to see their fellow classmates in the remote locations if they ask questions as well as their instructor as they teach the material.

The instructors are able to control the source of their presentation with a Crestron Desktop touch panel, programmed with presets to each school location, and each source output (i.e. document camera, Smartboard, etc.). This allows the instructors maximum flexibility with the materials they reference and how they want them presented to their students.