Zdi uses dynamic communication to defy convention and achieve extraordinary success measured by lasting relationships. Our success in this venture will present us with the opportunity to—and, in turn, will hinge upon—our ability to form long-lasting and life-changing relationships.

We achieve our mission through vital relationships strengthened by our position as a knowledge leader in our fields of expertise and by developing strategic partnerships with other forward-moving organizations.


Core Convictions

Faith: Our faith in one another is only exceeded by our faith in God. Our Christian beliefs are at the very core of our business and are at the core of all of our decisions.

Integrity: All decisions are made with the following litmus test: “What is the right thing to do regardless of cost or perceived repercussions?” It is our faith that enables us and requires us to use this litmus test.

Relationships: We understand that all relationships are both an opportunity and a risk. Without significant risk we could never hope to reap the rewards that only a true relationship can provide.

Education: We are continual learners and understand that our success will not last without reciprocal learning.

Innovation: We strive to defy convention and achieve extraordinary success by listening to both the good and bad around us and by remembering that all knowledge is valuable. The key is to know when to apply the correct acquired knowledge.

Communication: Our ultimate success is solely dependent on our ability to effectively communicate our needs to and understand the needs of our customers, employees, and partners.

Teamwork: We are a company made up of extremely talented and passionate individuals. We understand that our whole is vastly greater than the sum of our parts.

Humility: We are in business because our customers allow us to be in business, and we are able to service those customers because our employees chose to come work for us.