When you love your work, it shows.

Our team’s passion for the industry motivates them to earn industry certifications and to learn about the advances in the field. These experts hold many industry certifications, including: CTS-I, CTS-D, CTS, ISF-C, SBCA Level II, Electrical Engineer, and CQT. We are passionate about our work, and that passion shines through in the hours of preparation and testing required for such prestigious certifications.

Industry Certifications

CTS-I | Jay McArdle, Shaun Webb, Jeremy Perkins, Bill Ennis, Jason Schick, Josh Harbourn

CTS-D | Jay McArdle, Bill Ennis

CTS | Grant Payne, Robert Vesper, Bill Ennis, Ryan Trinkle, Brandon Rebbe, Josh Harbourn, Adair Zimmerman, Chelsea Sherman, Jason Schick, Jacob Fisher, Aaron Chauvin

ISF-C | Jay McArdle, Jeremy Caldera

SBCA Level II | Jay McArdle

Electrical Engineer | Bill Ennis

CQT | Jay McArdle, Robert Vesper, Nick Vespa, Grant Payne, Shaun Webb, Ryan Trinkle, Shane Springer, Jeremy Caldera, Jared Lynn, Josh Harbourn, Jeremy Perkins, Bill Ennis, Nick Piercy

CCNA-Voice | Brandon Rebbe

CCNA-Video | Brandon Rebbe

Cisco Video Network Specialist | Brandon Rebbe

Milestone Advanced Certification | Brandon Rebbe

Axis Certified Professional | Brandon Rebbe

Industry Recognition

InfoComm APEx Certification Renewed, 2016 | Zdi
First Cisco-approved IVT Room Integration Worldwide, 2013 | Zdi
Cisco Systems Preferred Solutions Developer, 2012 | Zdi
CI Summit, 2012 | Zdi
Commercial Integrator “21 Companies to Watch,” 2012 | Zdi
InfoComm Instructor Design Level 2, 2012 | Jay McArdle
Commercial Integrator CI Profile, 2012 | Jay McArdle
InfoComm 100, 2011 | Zdi
InfoComm “Young AV Professional of the Year,” 2011 | Jay McArdle
InfoComm Instructor Design Level 1, 2011 | Jay McArdle
InfoComm Instructor CTS Review, 2010 | Jay McArdle

Project Recognition

Champaign Urbana Mass Transit District (CUMTD), 2011 | Christie Digital Case Study
Peoria Riverfront Museum, 2012 | Biamp Case Study
Peoria Riverfront Museum, 2012 | AMX Case Study

Manufacturer Certifications

AMX Control System ACE (2)
Biamp Audia Certified (3)
Biamp Tesira Certified (2)
Crestron Certified Programmer (1)
Crestron Level 1 Programmer (2)
Crestron DMC-E (1)
Crestron DMC-T (2)
Crestron DMC-D (4)
Extron AV Associate (4)
Extron Control Associate (3)
TANDBERG Certified Technician (4)
Polycom Certified Installer (4)
Polycom Certified Sales (4)
Renkus Heinz Certified Iconyx Installer (3)
Lutron Certified Lighting Designer (2)
Lutron Certified Lighting Installer (2)
Lutron Certified Shades Designer (2)
Lutron Certified Shades Installer (2)
Peavey Media Matrix Certified Installer (1)
Dirac Live Certified Technician (2)